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Dishwash, Powder to Liquid

Dishwash, Powder to Liquid

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Made with non-toxic chemicals, Cleevo Powder to Liquid Dishwash cleans dishes till they are sparkling clean, removing odour and grime all together.

With each pouch, you can make 500 ml of zesty lime-scented dishwash liquid that will leave your dishes smelling fresh. Simply mix with water, shake it up with any 500 ml pump bottle you have lying around, or opt for our stylish Cleevo bottle that you can reuse indefinitely.

  • Coconut-derived Surfactant (AOS): Naturally derived ingredient for enhanced cleaning.
  • Natural Citric Acid: Helps cut through grease and grime.
  • Xanthan Gum: Thickener that also helps in moisturizing skin.
  • Certified Fragrance and Colors: Ensures quality and safety standards.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Meghana Krishna
Sparkling clean

Good fragrance and sparkling clean. A little goes a long way. Do give it a try

Madhavi B
Amazing stuff

I ordered this floor cleaner along with the multi surface cleaner. I love the lemony fragrance and the cute yellow colour that the liquid turns in to once mixed with water. The floors are spotless and smells refreshing all day. Its quite economical and a sustainable product.

Madhavi B
Absolute surprise

I ordered for the combo pack as an experiment to see if it works as claimed. I was blown away with the results. Squeaky clean surface with amazing lavender fragrance. The kitchen smells like a dream.

Aarti Arora




Clean with Cleevo


Fill half of 500ml bottle with fresh water. Add powder mix and let settle. Fill water to top with water and shake. Ready to use. 1 SPOON = 1 FULL SINK

Certainly! It effectively cleans all types of utensils, including crockery, glassware, ceramic, plastic, and non-stick surfaces.

Absolutely! Our Dishwash liquid is not only sulphate and paraben-free but also free from SLS, ensuring a clean and safe experience. 

Yes, our Dishwash liquid effectively tackles stains and germs, yet it remains gentle on hands.

Yes, our Dishwash liquid effectively tackles stains and germs, yet it remains gentle on hands due to our non-toxic ingredients.